Website update from last week

Feels like it’s been ages since I last updated this blog..  I’m going to first update what I did last week and although it’s pretty late, it wouldn’t make sense to skip such an important step.  Then tomorrow I’ll update what I’ve done for this week because I’m pretty excited about it.  Last week the majority of my website contribution was in what I could create content wise.  Everyone in our group was given a section of Ukrainian Canadian history to look at and I was given the role of the Church.  What I found was anything but your typical narrative, instead I found this section of Ukrainian history to be fascinating.  Coming from a monocultural society, many Ukrainian Canadians hated the Canadian Catholic system, much of which as Matt explained to me was due to the Great Schism.  Of course I’d heard about this but I hadn’t seen it applied to Canadian history.  If you get the chance to read up on it I highly recommend it.  The Ukrainian community brought with it a completely different outlook which was met by resistance.  Needless to say it made for a great paper and really good content for the website.  However, I needed to fix up a lot of what I had written in the essay for the website content.  I’m really happy with what I have prepared, even though it took a lot more time than expected, and I’m looking forward to uploading it later tonight.  Much of the other work I did this week had to do with research at the MHSO in Kelly Library and isn’t completely finished so I’ll have a blog post updating that later on this week.  Hope everyone elses websites are going great!

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