Game Plan

The creation of a social housing history website for Regent Park has seen its ups and downs up to this point in the project. With the deadline soon approaching, our teams objective is to create an efficient and effective game plan to come up with the desired outcome as projected in the beginning of this project.

Progress has come in waves and the focus has shifted from content creation to a look to the final project as a whole. With our essays written, focused on content creation for the website, much of Regent Park’s social housing history has been covered, leaving website design, compilation of photographs, and conducting oral history interviews as the major tasks to be completed. As of thursday March 14th, the objective is to have much of the structure of our website created and ready for upload, along with the interviewing of a local shopkeeper in Regent Park with a long history of serving the community. Furthermore, another objective is the compilation of photographs for the ‘Then and Now’ section of the website, which will comprise of photos from its classification as a ‘slum’ pre-1940s into the 1950s, post-construction, highlighting the drastic development of Regent Park. Throughout the decades thereafter, pictures will help illuminate the decaying state of a once bright and hopeful social housing project, to what has today become a development remodeled through the practice of gentrification.

Our group will use the resources of the Toronto Archives and Regent Park’s local library to compile a series of relevant photographs that will depict the development of Regent Park. One option being considered for the display within the ‘Then and Now’ section will be the use of sliders to show the changing nature of Regent Park, while the visitor simply watches. A simple description of each photograph will be provided beneath the changing photos to inform the user.

The final step of this project will be the editing of content to maintain the objectivity, a task that is difficult due to much of the complexity surrounding the implementation of the social housing project. This objectivity is key in maintaining the integrity of our website as a historical resource. Overall, as the deadline approaches our group will implement further organization and delegation of tasks throughout the coming weeks.

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