Reinvigorating Research

It’s march and staying on top of all my obligations have been tough. But trekking out to the sheppard and Bathurst with my bff liz today was certainly worth it.

In the period of research I was assigned, I had a really hard time getting enough information to form a sufficiently substantial piece of writing. More importantly, the historical narratives I was able to synthesize made a lot of sense, but i couldn’t find a personal stories, specific details, to anchor my writing.
At the Archivist the person who was helping us was great, and introduced me to a book about a bakery at spadina and dundas. The history of the bakery illustrates perfectly the historical narrative I tried to making in my piece of writing and will be the first of many specific stories that I can use to anchor my writing for the 10s and 20s in Kensington.
So now that I have new information, I can do some serious revision and reorganization of my section in the coming week and I might try to trek out one more time to find some other sources like that.

Attending the inaugural event for the KMHS was great fun today too. The turn out was great, we got a nice compliment from dennis in his opening remarks, and the speakers were fantastic. I was certainly reinvigorated today about our project and ready to hit the home stretch in stride.

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