Another late update

Matt reminded us in class that the blogs have been neglected so I’m updating mine, even though it’s late.  This week we made a l0ot of progress but also had some frustration.  Eva and I scheduled to go to the MHSO and finish uploading images that we could then put up on our website.  Unfortunately, someone has the scanner booked solid until tuesday so our work will have to wait until then.  However lots of other things have been completed.  I helped Anesty a bit with his Joe Romanov information and it gave me a good idea on what to create for mine.  I want our interview descriptions to be symmetrical so this really helped.  I also went through an insane amount of photographs trying to figure out what would look good oin the website.  On top of that Paul and I found a plugin called flipbook that makes the images in our gallery appear as though they are being presented in a scrapbook instead of the typical boring gallery display.  It’s down to the wire on this thing, but we have everything besides our popcorn app and scanning complete.  Really looking forward to see how the website looks!

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