Final Project Update – Blog #6

So things have been going well with the website. I was in charge of putting images found so far online, but the real challenge emerged when trying to find a format or layout to display them. Issues with files sizes, layouts, complex plugins, etc., started to emerge, which became a real pain. Finally though I was able to come across a gallery plugin called wp Dreamwork that was exactly what I was looking for. Acting like a slideshow, images are on a timer to change every so often, but also have a tumbnail gallery so that users can free choose which ever one they want to explore. There is also an option to full screen images and zoom into a document to view smaller objects and words, which otherwise might be hard to see. Overall I am very pleased with this plugin and am awaiting further images from my group members to upload.

I also tinkered with the layout of the website, changing page names, and putting the about section now on the front page so that the user can become aware of the sites intent right away, rather than having to go digging for it otherwise. Follow this link to check out the progress!

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