Customizing the Footer

Hi everyone,

I think it would be nice if everyone could change the footer code in a way that still gives props to the upsteream developers, but also allows folks to take some credit for what you’ve done.

To do this, you will have to write a small amount of php and put it in your “functions.php” file.

the current footer is generated by this function:

add_action( 'required_credits', 'required_sample_credits' );

function required_sample_credits() {
        _e( '<p>This site runs on the <a href="" title="required+ Themes">required+ Foundation</a> Theme. Based on the awesome <a href="" title="Rapid prototyping and building library from ZURB.">Foundation</a> Framework by the humble folks at <a href="" title="Design for people">ZURB</a>.</p>', 'requiredfoundation' );

To change it to something else, you can try something like this:

function my_credits() {
        _e( '<p>This site was designed by [INSERT YOUR NAMES] as a final project in <a href="">Hacking History</a> at <a href="">U of T</a>.  Special thanks to <a href="" title="required+ Themes">required+ </a> and  <a href="" title="Rapid prototyping and building library from ZURB.">ZURB</a>for the tools that made it possible!</p>', 'requiredfoundation' );

remove_action( 'required_credits', 'required_sample_credits' );
add_action( 'required_credits', 'my_credits' );

I haven’t checked the code, but this should work. To change the layout, so the footer isn’t quite so big and obtrusive, you’ll have to change footer.php itself by copying required-foundation/footer.php to required-starter/footer.php and making your changes there. The main thing would be to switch the “four columns” to “eight columns” (you’ll see it if you look).

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