Final Project Update – Blog #7

The time has come where this week, each group presented their websites to the class. I was unable to see the final product of Team Cobra’s work, but given what I have heard them accomplish in the past, I am sure it was beautiful. Seeing though the website of Regent park was a good illustration of how fluid website design and creation processes can be, given the difference in approach they used to layout their content. I liked the before and after images idea, and I also found that their essays were better presented and easier to follow than my groups website.

Overall though, I would say that I am quite happy with what my group and I have put together as out final project. Sure there are some blank parts of missing information, needed images, and some final touches that need to be added, but as a whole I would say our structure and content are there for a user to have a somewhat enriching experience. The only thing that I am disappointed with is the fact that we could not include an oral history component where the interviews could be listened to. I think that would have added a level  of information to the website that would truly elevate the information of Ukrainian-Canadians by providing that primary research component. Nevertheless I am still happy with everything else created, and looking forward to when we all get together and present our websites to the organizations and institutions we have all been working with for the past semester.

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