Anneliese’s Blog Post: Kensington Market

It’s fresh in my mind— the first time I walked through Kensington Market— on a sunny, crisp late September afternoon. I remember seeing the vibrant shops and their treasures, calling me inside. I remember hearing multitudes of people passing by the outdoor stalls. I remember smelling exotic foods simmering, asking me to stay for a little while longer. In that afternoon, I knew I had found a truly unique Toronto gem. When I heard that the Kensington Market Historical Society was a potential website partner, I thought of the prospect of visiting again. In partnering with the society, I am interested in researching Kensington Community School. Through some preliminary research, I learned that Kensington Community School serves as a crucial educational, cultural, and social hub within the neighbourhood. First, the Kensington Community School provides a supportive educational setting for Junior Kindergarten through Grade Six students. Interestingly, the school has its own swimming pool, which is also used by other schools’ students. In embracing and celebrating diversity, it also provides an International Language Program where its students learn Mandarin and Portuguese each week. Second, Kensington Community School holds ESL classes from Monday through Thursday and an on-site daycare. Providing additional community services, it rents out its gym to community groups during the evenings. I’m looking forward to learning more about Kensington Market and the Kensington Community School!